These rules are designed to ensure mutual understanding, security and a sense of trust. In short:

  • We respect You and Your privacy;
  • We are responsible for our mistakes;
  • We do not tolerate misuse of personal data;
  • We do not send spam;
  • We do not tolerate attempts to break into the website;
  • Copyright must be respected.

I. terms used

  • Website – website, where the person can get acquainted with the information of 3 norai, UAB and order goods and/or services.
  • We – 3 norai, UAB, it is the person who manages and maintains the Website; receives and executes orders from visitors.
  • Reader – a person browsing the Website and / or planning to purchase or acquire goods and / or services, i.e. You.
  • Goods – The products and/or services produced and/or distributed by Us; displayed on the Website and ordered by the Reader.

II. conditions of use

  • The Website is designed to give the Reader the opportunity to get acquainted with the Goods and purchase them on favorable terms. Therefore, the use of this Website for other purposes is prohibited.
  • We are a for-profit organization. If possible, we apply discounts to the Goods. We can give bigger discounts only when ordering a large quantity of Goods. The site reserves the right to grant or not to grant a discount.
  • We respect the privacy of each individual. It is forbidden to register on the Website using another person's data without that person's consent, including name, address, e-mail address and other data of that person.
  • It is forbidden to purchase the Goods on the Website using other person's financial data without the consent of that person, including payment card data, account no. If we find out that a settlement has been made using someone else's financial information without the owner's consent, we will always contact law enforcement and work together to clarify the crime and its perpetrators.
  • We never send any messages via email or other channels asking you to send login details. In the event that such a request is made to you, please inform Us immediately. This way you will help prevent crime.
  • Only persons over the age of 18; or under the supervision and / or permission of parents or guardians may register and purchase Goods on the Website. Age rating does not apply for browsing Website.
  • The use of hacking technologies on the Website is prohibited. If We detect such activity, we will notify law enforcement immediately.
  • The transfer of login details to third parties is strictly prohibited. If a Reader registered on the Website transfers personal login data to third parties, the Website does not accept any responsibility for actions taken using this identification data.

III. ordering procedure

  • Before ordering, the Goods must be added to the cart.
  • The order amount shown in the cart excludes shipping costs. The final price of the order is indicated on the order page by selecting delivery method.
  • To order the Goods in the basket, you need to fill in the form below the list of goods, the data of which will be used to complete the order.

IV. settlement procedure

  • After ordering the Goods, you will be offered to pay the amount which depends on the type and place of delivery.
  • You will be able to pay for the Goods by bank transfer by selecting the bank from which you want to pay or by paying from other banks by specifying Our account number on the order form.
  • You have the right not to pay for the Order, then we have the right not to execute it.
  • Additional requests such as faster delivery, gift box packaging, musketeer delivery, delivery with flowers are charged extra. They must be sent to Us by e-mail specified in requisites.
  • Upon delivery of the Goods, we will provide you with an electronic document, which is the original VAT invoice. A hard copy will not be sent. However, if necessary, we will be able to send a printed and signed VAT invoice.

V. delivery order

  • The goods are delivered within the agreed maximum period to the place specified by Reader.
  • Goods are delivered only after full payment, unless otherwise agreed.
  • You have the right to request faster delivery, then We have the right to ask for additional payment or, if that is not possible, to refuse to expedite delivery. You then have the right to refuse the Goods.
  • In very rare cases, due to circumstances beyond our control, the delivery of the Product may be delayed. In such circumstances, We will inform You as soon as possible.

VI. return policy

  • If there are no additional agreements with You, the Goods are returned in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • If Goods are returned without serious reason:
    • It may be returned no later than within 7 (seven) working days from the date of its receipt;
    • The appearance of the product and its packaging must be suitable for resale: there must be no additional inscriptions and transport marks on the packaging, the set of accessories must be complete, the product must be fully packed in accordance with our requirements;
    • You will be refunded the purchase amount of the Goods within 15 (fifteen) working days from the date of returning the Goods;
    • delivery services must be paid by You.
  • Before returning the Goods, please contact us and arrange the return procedure.

VII. warranty obligations

  • The warranty period of the goods (if any) is indicated in the order or VAT invoice.
  • Goods has a warranty period set by the manufacturer, during which they will be repaired free of charge if the Goods fails due to the manufacturer's fault.
  • If the defective Goods cannot be repaired during the warranty period, they will be replaced with a new ones. If it is not possible to replace the defective Goods with a new ones, we will offer you another analogous Goods or, if you do not agree, we will refund you for the defective Goods within 15 (fifteen) working days from the date of delivery of the defective Goods;
  • When returning a defective Goods, please pack them in the manufacturer's packaging;


If during the delivery you noticed the damaged packaging of the Goods:

  • notify the courier who delivered the Goods;
  • write your comments on the delivery note;
  • notify Us immediately about this event by phone or email.

Returns of these Goods are subject to the return policy defined above.

Thank you for Your understanding.

VIII. copyright

  • All information, including the idea of the Website, graphic design, navigation principles, structure of product catalogs, general information on the Website and the descriptions of the Goods provided (except for the specifications or descriptions provided by the manufacturers) on this Website is the private property of Us. Use without Our written consent is strictly prohibited.